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The Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming combines the advanced features and customization options that high performance gamers demand with the proven ergonomic benefits of a split keyboard. 9 Dual Layer Layouts, Macro Recording and High-speed Playback, One-Touch Key Rebinding, NKRO Mode, and 100% Anti-Ghosting are just a few of the features included in the Freestyle Edge. The Freestyle Edge is available equipped with RED, BLUE, or BROWN Cherry MX mechanical Switches to meet the specific needs or preferences of each user and features an On-Board SmartSet Programming Engine. The ergonomics of the Freestyle Edge are based on years of proven design and finally provide gamers with an ideal combination of Performance and Ergonomics. The ergonomic features of the Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard can potentially improve performance while still reducing the risks associated with heavy keyboard use.

The RBT Rebel Real Mouse from Quadraclicks Gaming significantly increases accuracy and reduces reaction time during even the most intense gaming sessions. The buttons or "ears" on the RBT (Rabbit) are raised above the mouse housing and reversed. This has three major impacts on mousing:

  • Eliminating the undesirable "clawback" or downwards cursor movement which occurs on conventional mouse designs when clicking on buttons with the tips of a curled finger. On the RBT (Right 'Bove Touch) mouse, the click movement is solely vertical and contact is with the base and length of the finger, instead of with curled fingertips.
  • Eliminates accidental clicks.
  • Instead of having only two points of solid contact to control the mouse (pressing inwards with the thumb and 4th or 5th finger), the tip of the index and 3rd finger rest on the fixed fulcrum of the reversed buttons, providing triangulated control of the mouse.


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